Steve O. Ams, Jr. Ego Magnus Numen
Ego Magnus Numen

Areas of Specialization

Business Intelligence

Development in business intelligence takes on many forms, but in the end it’s a matter of assembling dimensions, their attributes, aggregate functions and groups from the warehouse or reporting database. But that’s just the end. More often than not, the environment in which the reporting takes place requires additional work. This is where I typically shine. I look for the bottlenecks in the software and design around them — whether it requires custom work or special network design/topology, or to meet special security needs

Custom Federation

When the out of the box options present in the given software stack don’t have a way to handle the given identity provider authentication flow, or in case of a non-typical architecture — something like a broker/controller service (used heavily in MPP architecture) is required, or the policies that are in place that the application is required to reside don’t align, I provided guidance and hands-on implementation to achieve a managed, federated authentication flow.