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Epic Mnemonic Decryption

The attached EpicRequest class is an example of the decryption process required to ascertain an Epic Hyperspace Mnemonic Encryption service’s decrypted value.

Qlik Sense Reverse Proxy Config for IIS

This is a copy of a working version of an iis reverse proxy in front of Qlik integrated with SAML Add these to the allowed server variables section CAPTURED_ORIGIN HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING HTTP_X_ORIGINAL_ACCEPT_ENCODING ORIGINAL_HOST Additional Replacements internalHost and externalHost appropriately If you get errors… Engine errors usually mean you have not enabled […]

Convert PEM File to PFX in Powershell

Install-Module -Name ‘Carbon’ -Scope CurrentUser Run thispowershell New-RsaKeyPair -Subject ‘CN=MyName’ -PublicKeyFile ‘MyName.public.cer’ -PrivateKeyFile ‘MyName.private.pfx’ -Password $null -Algorithm sha512 -ValidTo (Get-Date).AddYears(100) -Force Then run this:powershell Convert-PfxToPem -Certificate $cert -OutputFile C:\Users\hshah10\Downloads\chilkatdotnet46-vs2017-9.5.0-x64\chilkatdotnet46-vs2017-9.5.0-x64\cert.pem Run Convert to Pem ps1 Then use

Changing XML Content In SharePoint Library

 by Steve O. Ams, Jr.February 26, 2016 1 minute I’m usually hesitant to share this type of thing, but when I consider the time it took to set it up, I felt as though this needed sharing.Let’s say you have a nice, neat InfoPath Web Form template currently deployed, and you make […]