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Convert PEM File to PFX in Powershell

Install-Module -Name ‘Carbon’ -Scope CurrentUser Run thispowershell New-RsaKeyPair -Subject ‘CN=MyName’ -PublicKeyFile ‘MyName.public.cer’ -PrivateKeyFile ‘MyName.private.pfx’ -Password $null -Algorithm sha512 -ValidTo (Get-Date).AddYears(100) -Force Then run this:powershell Convert-PfxToPem -Certificate $cert -OutputFile C:\Users\hshah10\Downloads\chilkatdotnet46-vs2017-9.5.0-x64\chilkatdotnet46-vs2017-9.5.0-x64\cert.pem Run Convert to Pem ps1 Then use jwt.io

Changing XML Content In SharePoint Library

 by Steve O. Ams, Jr.February 26, 2016 1 minute I’m usually hesitant to share this type of thing, but when I consider the time it took to set it up, I felt as though this needed sharing.Let’s say you have a nice, neat InfoPath Web Form template currently deployed, and you make […]